The Importance of a Store Trade-In Policy

April 01, 2021

The Importance of a Store Trade-In Policy

One thing you can count on in life is that you don’t always get things right the first time.
This holds especially true when buying a piano, the choices are vast, the price ranges seem infinite, and nowadays you must choose between digital and acoustic! Ouch.
In many cases piano shoppers, especially beginners, do not even really know what they really want, creating even more anxiety about buying the wrong instrument for their individual long- and short-term needs.
This "Oh my, what should I do?? " frame of mind can seem a very legitimate reason for not getting the piano you need or want.
In fact, some get so confused that they put off making a choice and purchasing an instrument for days, weeks months, and even years!  I’m serious. YEARS.
Nothing good comes from what I call "indecision-induced buying procrastination."
Prices go up, a piano you really like gets sold out from under you, or a model you had your eye on is discontinued. The list goes on and on.  
I can't tell you how many times in the 55+ years I've been in the piano business I've seen the following scenarios play out.
Worst case scenario #1. You call your dealer and say, " Hey it's me __________, remember me from last year? Well, I've driven myself and my music teacher crazy for the last 6 months and have decided to get the one I really loved at your store when I was in back then.” Only to find out that the line has changed, and a comparable model is much more expensive.
Worst case scenario #2.  You call and say, "Hey it's me ______, I was in last week and fell in love with that really nice vertical you had on sale, I should have bought it then, but I had to look around to make 100% sure it's what I wanted.” Only to find out that it has been sold and now you must start all over again.
The moral of this story is to find the piano that fits at that time and buy it then with all the confidence that you need to be comfortable. If your question is how to purchase it with that kind of confidence, the answer is easy as could be.
Buy from a dealer with a lifetime trade-in option, so if you do make a mistake or your needs change, you have a way to correct it painlessly. Simple enough, no worries, no second guessing, your mind is at ease.
Be aware, there are retailers who offer short term full trade options. Usually from 2-5 years which do not match a lifetime trade-up policy.

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