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Piano restoration — also known as piano rebuilding, piano refurbishing, and piano reconditioning — helps bring a piano back to its original beauty, tone, and performance. Piano refinishing restores the piano's finish either to its original finish or to another selected finish.

All pianos are true works of art and they are also precious family heirlooms. We here at the piano place would love to aid in restoring and/or rebuilding your piano so that it is returned to its original look, touch, and tone. Our technicians have been in the industry for a combined experience of 50+ years and have restored 100's of pianos. So you can feel secure in trusting us to restore your family gem. 
Piano restoration can include:

Refinishing the piano cabinet or case
Polishing brass
Replacing or repairing the soundboard, including finish and decal (when applicable)
Bridge repair and/or recapping
Replacing the pinblock
Refinishing the plate
Repinning and restringing
New damper felts with refinished damper heads
Damper regulation
Replacing or renewing repetition levers
New hammers, shanks, and flanges
Restoring ivory keytops or replacing with quality acrylic keytops
New key bushings
New action felts
Action regulation
Tuning to A440 concert pitch
I​n some cases​, the cost of restoring ​your ​piano could ​be​ ​a larger ​investment than​ the​ purcha​se​ a new piano​.​ In these rare cases, our staff and technicians will review the options with you so that you can decide the best ​option for you. ​
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