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About the Cunningham Piano Company

With the help of legendary piano designer George F. Emerson, the expert piano technicians of Cunningham’s piano family, and the award winning Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments, the New Matchless Cunningham has been created from the ground up using the highest quality piano parts available and the best construction techniques. Building upon the traditions founded by Patrick J. Cunningham in 1891, the New Matchless Cunningham combines massive maple piano rims with wet sand cast plates that sing and sustain. The driving force in this piano is to address a present need – to offer a premium instrument that gives an artistic performance at an affordable price. The positive feedback from our clients has been immediate. Our client list is as impressive as the piano itself. Schools, teachers, artists, and students have all given us the most impressive praise possible … they have invested in purchasing the New Matchless Cunningham piano for themselves. After all, it is a part of Philadelphia history.
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