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Built in 2016

The smaller concert grand with additional register demarcation. This concert grand can be described as dynamic and powerful, yet sensitive and charming. The sound board, which is made of the finest mountain spruce, provides for rich variations in tone. Thanks to its light and graceful touch, the Omega delivers sensitive expression. Voiced by expert hands, specially selected hammer heads are full of vitality and allow for the finest shades in tone and brilliant sound colors.

Ebony sharps. Naturals faced with mineral compounds. Large, lockable, double brass casters. Sostenuto pedal. Lid support made of solid maple for greater tonal brilliance. Fallboard with hydraulic damping. Music rack with convenient one-handed operation for extra reliability and comfort while playing. Extended register for contemporary compositions.

Contemporary compositions often dictate that the pianist not only strike the keys but also "attack" the strings directly. SAUTER has therefore developed a system of additional register demarcation for the Omega 220. Colored register lines mark important division points on the sound board, enabling the pianist to immediately find the corresponding positions on the strings. This allows the player to switch rapidly between keys and strings. To facilitate orientation among the numerous strings, the dampers are color-coded black and white to correspond to their respective keys.

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