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Petrof II

The Petrof Model II stands tall at a length of 7 feet 9 inches, embodying a harmonious blend of exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled musicality. Meticulously handcrafted in the picturesque landscapes of the Czech Republic, this masterpiece originates from the skilled hands of a prestigious, generations-old family-owned piano maker, steeped in tradition and expertise.

At its core lies the illustrious Renner Hammer Action, meticulously crafted in the heart of Germany, a hallmark of quality synonymous with the world's most esteemed grand pianos. This precision mechanism ensures each keystroke is met with unparalleled responsiveness and nuanced expression, elevating the playing experience to unparalleled heights.

Dressed in a resplendent coat of polished ebony, the piano's exterior exudes timeless elegance, further accentuated by the graceful contours of its mahogany rim. The pristine solidity of the spruce soundboard, meticulously maintained in flawless condition, serves as the canvas for its symphonic journey, resonating with clarity and depth.

Sonically, the Petrof Model II captivates with its commanding presence, offering a robust foundation anchored by powerful bass notes that reverberate with resounding authority. In the heart of its register, the mid-tones unfold with a kaleidoscope of colors, each note imbued with warmth and richness, inviting the listener into a world of sonic splendor. Meanwhile, the ethereal treble notes dance with poignant lyricism, their crystalline clarity cutting through the air with unwavering precision.

Yet, perhaps most remarkable is the instrument's ability to sustain each note with unwavering conviction, allowing melodies to linger in the air, weaving a tapestry of sound that transcends time and space. In every keystroke, the Petrof Model II emerges as a paragon of musical excellence, offering a symphony of sensations that resonate deeply with the soul.

Price includes:

  • Matching bench

  • 5 year in store warranty

  • 1 in-home tuning

  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee