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Kawai GS100

Meticulously crafted by the expert artisans at Kawai's esteemed Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility, the 9-foot GS-100 Concert Grand Piano emerges as a true masterpiece of musical engineering. Each component of this instrument has been precision-crafted to exacting standards, ensuring quality and performance that exceeds expectations.

The GS-100 is renowned for its exceptional tonal qualities and distinctive character. Its sound is deep, rich, and resonant, evoking a sense of warmth and emotion that captivates both performers and audiences alike. With its commanding power and impressive projection, this piano commands attention in any performance setting, from intimate recital halls to grand concert stages.

Every detail of the GS-100 has been meticulously designed to enhance its performance and playability. From the finely balanced action to the responsive keyboard, every aspect of this instrument has been optimized to provide the ultimate playing experience for pianists of all levels.

Despite its grand stature and commanding presence, the GS-100 is remarkably versatile and responsive, capable of producing a wide range of tones and dynamics to suit any musical style or genre. Whether performing delicate classical pieces or powerful contemporary compositions, the GS-100 delivers unparalleled sound quality and expression.

  • Price includes:

    • Matching bench

    • 5 year in-store warranty

    • 1 in-home tuning

    • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee