Rebecca & Her New Hailun D.S. HU1P 5.5 "Small Keys" Piano!

June 25, 2022

Rebecca & Her New Hailun D.S. HU1P 5.5 "Small Keys" Piano!

Have you ever thought to yourself “if the keys were just slightly smaller I could master this piece!”? That is now a problem of the past! D.S. Standard Foundation and Hailun Piano Company have partnered and created the first new acoustic upright piano with smaller sized keys! 

The Piano Place is an exclusive merchant for these pianos and have them in store to play. That is how our magnificent customer, Rebecca, found out about us and drove all the way from Ohio to play one for herself and bought it that same day! 

Rebecca, a proud new owner of the Hailun HU1P D.S. 5.5 (7/8th) piano, had been researching and seeking a solution to her ongoing problem. In this video you can see her sincere joy of finally finding a solution to her 10+ year problem. 

Rebecca says “It has been very magical to touch the keys and feel everything is where it is expected to be, I can reach and play runs smoothly that I have always struggled with before this. My expectations have been met!”.

Research has demonstrated that most adult pianists find today’s conventional keyboard – the DS6.5® – limits their ability to play and will find either the DS5.5® or DS6.0® a comfortable alternative, enabling them to play more complicated pieces with greater power, ease, and artistry. 

Here are the details of the different sizes:



Octave Size

Overall Width


Conventional Keyboard

6.500"    16.51cm



Universal Keyboard

6.000"   15.24cm



7/8th Keyboard

5.538"    14.06cm


The D.S. Standard foundation started this movement in 1998 and since then has reached a global audience with their keyboards. Hailun, being the innovative company that they are, partnered with them and now D.S. hand builds and retrofits the keyboards into Hailun Upright pianos in Titusville, PA.

These are incredible pianos that every piano player should experience. If you want to play one, come on in! 

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