Piano Student Success!

April 21, 2021

Christopher Harding Piano Student Success

We LOVE hearing about past scholarship recipients and their success!

From our October 2020 Scholarship Winner, 

"We appreciate so much your kindness to Aleks, he was quite honored to be the recipient of your generosity. In fact, that month of lessons that you covered enabled him to make a very fine video performance that doubles as his college audition video and also his entry to certain competitions. The results were:

He became in March 2021 a National Finalist in the MTNA Senior Piano Competition, which as you know means that he won the Michigan State level, also the Division level (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin);
He was a finalist in the Dubois Competition held at Bowling Green State University in February 2021, a national competition with very high level applicants;
He was awarded complete full rides to Oberlin and Michigan and a very competitive scholarship at Eastman, and is still deciding.
So, your investment in him was incredibly timely and effective, and we thank you very much indeed!" 
Chair of Piano
Professor of Piano and Chamber Music
University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance
If you would like to nominate one of your piano students to win one month free of lessons, please fill out our nomination form.  You can nominate 1 - 3 students you feel may benefit from this scholarship. We will be awarding our scholarships on the 15th of every month and contacting the corresponding teachers to award their students! We appreciate your nomination, time, and support.

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