Piano Scholarship Awarded For October!

September 29, 2020

Piano Scholarship Awarded For October!

The Piano Place is so honored and thankful to all of our wonderful piano teachers in the area who nominated their students for this scholarship opportunity. Due to the amazing turn out, we will continue our monthly scholarship through the next few months. We hope this can make an impact in our local music community, help out our appreciated teachers, and help promising piano students.  

We were very touched by Mr. Harding's submission for his student:

"... is a high school senior and has been studying with me for 2 years. He is auditioning at all the major schools of music this fall... He is one of the most talented and intelligent young musicians I have ever worked with here in this area, a real artist already, a composer, and someone with an extremely distinguished career as a musician ahead of him."

- Christopher Harding, Chair of Piano Professor of Piano and Chamber Music, University of Michigan School of Music

The sky is the limit for this talented student and we cannot wait to award as many students as possible by the end of the year! 

Want to know more? Contact us for additional info or have your piano teacher nominate you in the link below. 


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Grant's musical interest began when he was 9 years old.

He expressed an interest in music so his parents purchased a piano

and provided music lessons. He soon learned the value of being

instructed by quality teachers. “ Bad habits can develop,” he said,

“but a good teacher can prevent that by teaching students the correct

way to play, and take their students further.” Later, after he became a

Piano Teacher, he continued to study lessons so he could stay current

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It may sound crazy at first, and your initial response might be "I could never do that" but the best way to enjoy playing the piano and making music is to share it with others.
Yes, I know most people do enjoy playing for just themselves and their own amusement. And that is great! But they would probably find it even more satisfying to play for others.
Now I am not saying you should book Carnegie Hall (maybe just not now, but you never know) but as simple as immediate family members for starters. Get comfortable, graduate to extended family, then on to friends and strangers at parties and other get togethers.

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