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Gift Your Child A Skill For Life

April 17, 2022

Gift Your Child A Skill For Life

Vickie is starting Liam out right on their new Charles R Walter piano that they bought here at The Piano Place! 

Children benefit a lot from piano lessons. Piano lessons help mold and shape their brain to be more musical and in return help them focus better. Your child will have to hold their attention on every single note and maintain the required rhythm at the same time, its amazing! 

Practicing the piano will also improve their motor skills. Both hands play different notes, so they have to work independently. The eyes look at the notes for both hands at the same time, and the brain distributes the right order to each hand. It sounds so complicated when you write about it. But we’re talking about simple motor skills that a child’s brain can intuitively develop with some practice.

Playing the piano also reduces stress and improve their mood. If your child feels sad, they can play a slow, melancholic composition. If they are relaxed, they can play Chopin’s Spring Waltz. If they feel anxious, they can play something “angrier.”

The piano is an outlet for emotions. Researchers found that piano practice improved the mood and quality of life in older adults. But that’s the case with children, too. When you make music happen with your own two hands, you can’t help but feel good about it. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are!

Lastly, it can make your child smarter! Researchers found that playing an instrument can increase IQ in both adults and children. Any instrument works, but the piano is so amazing that anyone who plays it will tell you the same: there’s no instrument that compares to it. Plus, it’s one of the easiest instruments for beginners to play. They just press a key and it returns a sound.

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