May 25, 2021

Get out and perform!

It may sound crazy at first, and your initial response might be "I could never do that" but the best way to enjoy playing the piano and making music is to share it with others.
Yes, I know most people do enjoy playing for just themselves and their own amusement. And that is great! But they would probably find it even more satisfying to play for others.
Now I am not saying you should book Carnegie Hall (maybe just not now, but you never know) but as simple as immediate family members for starters. Get comfortable, graduate to extended family, then on to friends and strangers at parties and other get togethers.
Playing for others can improve your playing, and that is why you practice right? Here is how.
First you establish a goal beyond those you reach just playing for yourself. 
If you are going to play in front of people you will try a little harder when you practice making sure you sound good.
You will gain more confidence in your playing without a doubt. Once you get comfortable playing in front of others you will lose that tentative "I'm really not that good" feeling some people develop even though the DO play that well.
Everybody likes a little recognition for their efforts and accomplishments, and you just might enjoy the limelight more than you expected.
In any event, gather the family, volunteer to play at a care facility, be the life of the party, and you may even be good enough book a gig! What do you have to lose?

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