Perzina 112 (44")

The Perzina 112 is one of the best examples of old-world craftsmanship and the benefits of uncompromising materials selection. Each and every model presents the highest levels of carpentry, and fanatical attention to detail. Aged Austrian White spice, BASF polyester, acrylic keytops, computer designed scales, floating soundboards and direct bass response are but a few highlights which make every piano in the “Tradition” series a pleasure to play for generations.

The Perzina Tradition series of uprights, the Perzina 112, Perzina 122, and Perzina 129, bring a very unique performance to the $10000 and under upright piano category. The main differences are the design and type of soundboard, the quality and design of the hammers, and the scale design. All three of these major design components differ greatly from the standard Kawai and Yamaha design, and are much closer to the higher-end designs of Bechstein and Sauter of Germany.