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August Förster 190 (6'4")

Well known for a superb tone volume and well balanced touch! Highly rated on the piano buyer:

"I began with the smaller instrument. At 6′ 4″, the Förster 190 is about the same size as both a Steinway A and the 1980s-vintage Baldwin L I have in my home. My immediate impression of the 190 was that it was in a class closer to what I’d expect from a 7′ piano in terms of breadth of sound and projection. The sound was what I associate with a German tonal aesthetic — direct and clear, with lots of higher partials — but well enough balanced that it was not too hard on the ears, as German pianos can sometimes be. The piano had a warm sound for a modern European instrument — much closer to the style of a Hamburg Steinway than to a Bechstein, but with the latter’s quicker response. My test pieces here were Schubert’s B-flat major, G-flat major, and A-flat major Impromptus (Op. 142 No. 3 and Op. 90 Nos. 3 and 4); Ondine, from Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit; Chopin’s Barcarolle and Berceuse; and some excerpts from Mozart’s Concerto No.15 in B-flat, K.450."