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Used Grand Pianos

Bluthner Model 6 (6'3")

Legendary piano in exceptionally good condition. Bluthner is now in their fifth generation and has always been known as a top quality concert instrument. This is the second time I am selling this piano which was I obtained originally from Inbert Bluthner, who then represented the fourth generation. The most unique feature is the patented aliquot system whereby there are four strings, instead of three, in the upper octaves to assist in obtaining more power and resonance. It has the required elements expected in the best pianos, such as a sand-casted plate, hard woods in the rim, German pin block, strings and hammers and a solid white spruce soundboard. 

This piano comes with our 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Price includes:

  • Matching bench

  • Free local standard delivery

  • 1 in-home tuning

  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee